Monthly Archives: September 2010

Hello and Howdy Y’all


Whelp, this is my shiny new craft blog! I’ve wanted to start one for awhile (hello summer of unemployment and low dollas in the bank + me needing something to do) but sort of feel like everyone has a blog these days and what would I have to say that someone else hadn’t already?

Apparently I got over that, because here we are. This won’t be one of those snazzy post-a-day kind of places, but I will include tutorials for as many projects as I can- with pictures! Hopefully that will help other visually oriented would-be crafters in the world.

You should probably also know that I’m not a purist…and I doubt this will be a crafts-only blog. I’m a graduate social work student with 8 months to go and I have a strong human rights and social justice bent in my view of the world. So who knows, maybe you’ll get a few diatribes when something gets under my skin. I’ll try to keep my soap box in storage as often as possible.

I also have lovely friends who like to craft (ok, well at least one), so maybe we’ll have guest bloggers when I get dragged off the crafty bandwagon by school and life in general.

Lets do this!