Purple Not-So-Slouchy Hat


First (real) post! Woohoo.

So, this hat felt like it took forever because getting it started involved starting over several times to get rid of the hole in the middle, because I really struggle with reading crochet directions. I’m a visual learner. I need pictures. [I always feel mislead by what other crocheters term to be “easy” or “for beginners”, because then I just feel slow when it seems less than easy.]  Then I started to worry I wouldn’t have enough yarn, because what I had wasn’t a full skein…long story short, I am now very familiar with the yarn selection at two Michael’s and the Joann Fabrics here in Chi-town. Lesson learned- save the skein wrapper in case this happens. Better yet, buy more than one skein in the first place if it’s a color you really like.

Looking like a real project.
Halfway there.
Top detail

This is only the second pattern I have used and eventually I felt comfortable enough to freestyle some changes, like adding a few rows (because I apparently have a large head) and things like that. It didn’t come out slouchy the way that I wanted, since I was limited in yarn to begin with and couldn’t add more slouchy like I wanted to. Anyways, I think it turned out pretty nice. I really like the pattern detail from the top.

Phannie Hat Pattern: http://www.berroco.com/exclusives/phannie/phannie.pdf

Yarn: I used Caron Simply Soft in Violet (thanks Caron website for helping me figure that out…)


Finished hat!

Lookin' fly on the CTA.


A friend on facebook asked me how I learned to make this hat. The answer is, I taught myself with the vast resources inside the internets. [Pretty much every craft project I attempt is born of an idea I had that was supplemented with visuals from someone else’s idea that was sort of similar to what I had in mind but not quite. I’m pretty terrible at drawing, so this is the best way for me to show someone else what I am trying to accomplish, and just edit in my details.]

At any rate, if you are looking to learn how to crochet (or knit) I very highly recommend joining http://www.ravelry.com. They have awesome free patterns (and for purchase ones too), in addition to help forums and things like that. For you visual learners out there who are like me, if you get to a place where you just can’t figure out what “sl st then fpdc in same st” means there are great and kindly fellow crafters who are willing to explain it differently- or even walk you through it in a picture. It’s wonderful! Of course, my best friend also crafts and always kindly responds to my “WTF does this pattern mean!?” text messages, so that helps too.  Crafting is a process of trial and error.

Speaking of trial and error, sorry for the weird gaps in between pictures. Learning how to used wordpress’s picture formatting is a craft in itself.


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  1. I really feel like I would stick with my blog more if I wasn’t purely this or that. My blog (attempt) will probably deviate more toward the impure soon. Especially after this Eleanor Shrug project! faiiilll.

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