Pumpkin Guts!


Maybe this doesn’t count as a craft … but maybe it does. We carved a pumpkin to put on our porch.

Pumpkin 1


Pumpkin 1

Mmmm. Braaaaains.

Pumpkin 3

Pumpkin surgery.

Pumpkin 4

Eyes! Nostrils!

Pumpkin finished

Ooooohahahaha. *creepy music* This was supposed to look like Jack Skellington, but that didn't go so well.

Pumpkin Seeds

I also decided to bake the pumpkin seeds. This is pre-baked, but they turned out pretty tasty.

I got pretty frustrated because I couldn’t get the eyes even, but I’m the kind of person who will keep going and going and Jack would end up without a septum for his nostrils to exist in…so I stopped while I was ahead. I made the husband finish the mouth because the teeth were kind of tedious, haha.

Also Halloween related (maybe?) I made this dress over the summer as a practice version of the infinity dress I later made my friend (yeah I’ll do a post on that later, perhaps with instructions) and it came out too short, so I thought it might be ok for a Halloween costume.


See. Inappropriately short for normal day use. Halloween appropriate? Maybe.

That’s assuming we do anything involving costumery for Halloween. Or anything period. We might just stay home and give children candy. And guard my pumpkin from pumpkin smashers. Happy October everyone!


About Pandercraft

I love to create things. I don't really have one craft specialty, I experiment in any craft that seems interesting to me at the time. I also dabble in photography, which I love. There's always something new to learn and that's what I'm all about!

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