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Baby Dino Spike Beanie + Another Hat!


Hats Hats Hats! Sorry if you get tired of hearing about them, but they’re fun to make and not terribly time consuming. I love crocheting especially now that the weather has turned, because I can crochet whilst doing other stuff at the same time. Like watching TV. Right now I’m halfway through the 3rd season of Ugly Betty. I find it entertaining and the perfect backdrop for my craftyness. And when I say the weather has turned- I’m not kidding.

Drowned rat

After getting caught in the deluge, crafting + pajamas sounds like the answer to all of life's problems.

So, I have made two things since I last posted. The first is for a bebeh- our niece! We get to meet her next month so that’s exciting. And this just so happens to be in LSU colors!

Dino Beanie1

I kinda forgot to take pictures till I was near the end. These are my spikes and hat.

Attach spikes

This is my makeshift needle that I made of wire to attach the spikes. I was getting annoyed because it kept snagging the yarn- so I lit a candle and put some wax on the end.


I don't have a cute baby or even a doll/stuffed animal to model this on, so once again you get me. Obviously, it does not fit my large noggin.


My hand isn't really good baby head size either. Oh well. Finished product!

I used this pattern: for the beanie part.

Then I had to figure out how to make the triangles. I knew what I wanted it to look like (ish) but none of the patterns were free and I’ll be damned if I’m paying $5 to get one! So I looked around until I found (free) directions on how to make triangles. This website was the most helpful:

Now, onto the next project. I made another slouchy hat, for my classmate because she asked if I would. I decided to try a bobble stitch hat. You can find the pattern here:

Slouch beginning

First round.


4 whole rounds. It's fun to watch it get bigger.


Close-up of the bobble stitch. This is the bobble as written in the pattern.


It matches my glasses.

Slouch Back

Back- I think I might take some leftover yarn and fill in the starting ring.

Not sure I needed the extra increase. It came out pretty slouched.

I hope she likes it!

Also. I finally got some duct tape….Prepare yourself. But not too soon, because I am in the midst of finals. Bleh. Hopefully this Thanksgiving weekend will have some crafting in it despite school trying to cramp my style. And, I really need a new model. I get tired of taking pictures of myself in my creations.

Wire Earrings


I had a really hard time getting motivated to sew today. It just wasn’t happening for me. So I decided to try and make some earrings with the supplies I got during the last  sale at Michael’s. I have made wire earrings with my friend Melissa before, but I think they turned out better then because she had such an awesome assortment of beads. Anyways, I feel like these are respectable.

I used sterling silver ear hooks, some wooden beads, and the wire I had on hand from the previously posted jewel case project.



Earrings Step 1

Trying to visualize how I want them to look. The nice thing about wire is, it's cheap and easy to change if you don't like what you come up with. My poor index finger got in a fight with a steak knife yesterday, hence my awesome flesh-tone band-aid.


The first one completed. Ignore my red ear, I haven't worn earrings in that slot for a bit.

Earrings pair

Finished set.

My original thought behind these was that the blue beads would go nicely with the hat I made my sister. Then I realized the slouchy hat isn’t all that conducive to wearing dangly earrings, but I know she really likes purple too so hopefully she’ll like them anyways! These took me all of about 6 minutes, and they’re fun to make. I was going to make more but my finger injury made working with the wire sort of painful, so I switched back to crocheting- next up, the dino baby beanie I finished today! I’m trying not to make my blog too crochet project heavy but it’s just so awesome for multitasking and starting/stopping whenever you want that I just can’t help myself.

Slouchy Hat – Take 2


Well, the first slouchy hat I tried was only a half success. And not very slouchy. I started to make another one (which was carted around in a half-made state in my purse for several weeks) and I finally finished it tonight!

After organizing my yarn into a drawer-

Drawer o' Yarn!

Oh yeaaaah.

I decided I needed to use that teal ball of yarn that I have had for about 3 years and never used for anything. I got it in Port Townsend while at Fort Worden for LeaderCorps in 2007 (can you tell I have a hard time finishing projects in a timely manner?), where one of my comrades attempted to show me how to crochet. Clearly, it didn’t stick that time (or the time after that). But I can proudly say I finally used it and I dig the finished product! I did not design this hat- it is someone else’s original creation. The pattern for this hat can be found here:

Hat 2

About halfway(?) there





My plan is to give this to my little sister for Christmas (she doesn’t use the interwebz too much so hopefully this doesn’t totally ruin the surprise…). We both have blue eyes so I think it will look great on her 🙂 Plus I think her head is a little bit smaller than mine. I may have gotten a smidge overzealous on the last two rows of single crochet stitches and it got pretty snug. Christmas gift #1 complete!

I managed to knock out a whole crapload of work for school this week, so I have dubbed this weekend a no homework zone. Here’s to a craft (and cleaning…wah waaaah) filled weekend.

The First “From the Archives” Post: Recycled Jewel Case Art


Since I’ve been busy with school (and lets face it, Halo takes less of a time and cleanup commitment than crafts, oftentimes) I haven’t crafted really since my half-accomplished sewing project a week and a half ago. I swear, we will get back to that pattern business.

Although, getting the previously mentioned Halloween costume dress tied on (well enough to cover everything) was practically a craft in and of itself, which required husband help- two hands just weren’t cutting it. Though I think the costume turned out pretty well, if I do say so myself. And I do.

Halloween 2010 MM

Not too shabby for $8 worth of fabric and a thing of red listpick!

Anyways. Awhile back I foresaw this problem and jotted down posts for crafts I had done over the summer. So here’s your first (only? who knows) “From the Archives” post.

I found a project for a room divider on Craftster probably over two years ago (at time when I thought I would need one for my new Chicago apartment, which turned out to be false), and thought this particular idea was rad since it would be cheap and recycle something that fills up landfills on the regular. Unfortunately, I had no use for it. Nor did I have a hundred CD jewel cases around. Well, thanks to freecycle, I was able to get an entire box of cases from a nice couple in Wicker Park this summer. I looked quite odd carrying the Costco-sized diaper box they gave me to take them home in on the L. Yay recycling! Even better, freecycling! I decided to use this project as wall art instead of a room divider- we have super high ceilings and a landlord that won’t let us paint. Our abode is very white. You can find the original post/tutorial here:

This project literally took me over a month since I worked on it in bits and pieces over the summer. Unemployment may drive you to watch the entire series of Nip/Tuck on Netflix while crafting. Then there was the added danger of the jewel case panels all over our living room, like little landmines of sharpness…I stepped on one by accident but by some stroke of luck it didn’t break! Thanks ye craft gods!

I went through the box of cases and picked out the best of the best, scratch free, no broken edges etc. I then took them apart so there is no round piece on the inside. This hurt my thumbs after awhile, but then I had a nice collection that looked like this:

Ok well, turns out I deleted that picture because I didn’t think it was important. Use your imagination to envision 9 stacks of 10 jewel cases each minus the middle circley bits.

Then I glued them into 3×3 panels of cases. I had read about problems with hot glue holding up over time, so I thought maybe super glue would be better. I was wrong. After I hot glued them together I ended up with this:

Cases Empty

Step 2: glued 3x3 panels

Then I bought some paint and a brush and did the background. The colors were really intense, a little too much even for my jewel-tone loving self, so I tried to tone it down a little by using silver paint on a damp wash cloth. I splotched it on there and it sort of ended up looking cloud-like.

Paint 1

Painted. With the flash on the purple looks more blue.

Splotchy paint

My attempt at making the colors less in your face. I didn't want them to be clouds but this is what happened.

Next I agonized over what design to put on it since I’m not exactly draw/paint inclined. I found a mod looking tree with swirls (which I love, because I can actually make them) and decided I could probably make something like that look decent. I used a Sharpie paint pen to outline the design with dashed lines. Then I started to actually paint it on there for realsies. In the end, I ended up with this tree-


The swirly tree. It's kinda fun.

The last part was the most tedious, getting it all wired together. I used a ruler to try and make sure everything was the same(ish) distance apart. Use the odd little square holes in the tops of each case to thread the wire through. Do the same at the top but make it a loop so you have a way to hang it up.


Measure first (or end up with a wonky hanging device that looks crappy, your choice)


It's a little hard to see, but you use the existing square holes I mentioned to thread the wire through.


Wired together and my hot glue gun on standby for any unstable seeming case parts.

As an added bonus- because I have décor ADD and because I was still concerned about what I had read of the hot glue not holding weight very well- I found some decorative tape at the craft store and decided to run it along the seams of each panel, creating a border. Then I slipped pictures (or whatever you want) in the little side slot that is still open. Now if I get bored of my tree, I can flip it over and have a photo collage instead.



All done. Hanging it was hard work because it's long and awkward when you're short, but I figured it out (several holes in the wall later).

I recommend this project for a room divider or just as art for anyone else who can’t paint- you can make the panels whatever size you want or use more panels to make a bigger work of art, so if you have a really big, bare area you can make a large piece to fill the space.

And as an aside, good job to everyone who voted Tuesday! You voted right? Good.