Wire Earrings


I had a really hard time getting motivated to sew today. It just wasn’t happening for me. So I decided to try and make some earrings with the supplies I got during the last  sale at Michael’s. I have made wire earrings with my friend Melissa before, but I think they turned out better then because she had such an awesome assortment of beads. Anyways, I feel like these are respectable.

I used sterling silver ear hooks, some wooden beads, and the wire I had on hand from the previously posted jewel case project.



Earrings Step 1

Trying to visualize how I want them to look. The nice thing about wire is, it's cheap and easy to change if you don't like what you come up with. My poor index finger got in a fight with a steak knife yesterday, hence my awesome flesh-tone band-aid.


The first one completed. Ignore my red ear, I haven't worn earrings in that slot for a bit.

Earrings pair

Finished set.

My original thought behind these was that the blue beads would go nicely with the hat I made my sister. Then I realized the slouchy hat isn’t all that conducive to wearing dangly earrings, but I know she really likes purple too so hopefully she’ll like them anyways! These took me all of about 6 minutes, and they’re fun to make. I was going to make more but my finger injury made working with the wire sort of painful, so I switched back to crocheting- next up, the dino baby beanie I finished today! I’m trying not to make my blog too crochet project heavy but it’s just so awesome for multitasking and starting/stopping whenever you want that I just can’t help myself.


About Pandercraft

I love to create things. I don't really have one craft specialty, I experiment in any craft that seems interesting to me at the time. I also dabble in photography, which I love. There's always something new to learn and that's what I'm all about!

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