Baby Dino Spike Beanie + Another Hat!


Hats Hats Hats! Sorry if you get tired of hearing about them, but they’re fun to make and not terribly time consuming. I love crocheting especially now that the weather has turned, because I can crochet whilst doing other stuff at the same time. Like watching TV. Right now I’m halfway through the 3rd season of Ugly Betty. I find it entertaining and the perfect backdrop for my craftyness. And when I say the weather has turned- I’m not kidding.

Drowned rat

After getting caught in the deluge, crafting + pajamas sounds like the answer to all of life's problems.

So, I have made two things since I last posted. The first is for a bebeh- our niece! We get to meet her next month so that’s exciting. And this just so happens to be in LSU colors!

Dino Beanie1

I kinda forgot to take pictures till I was near the end. These are my spikes and hat.

Attach spikes

This is my makeshift needle that I made of wire to attach the spikes. I was getting annoyed because it kept snagging the yarn- so I lit a candle and put some wax on the end.


I don't have a cute baby or even a doll/stuffed animal to model this on, so once again you get me. Obviously, it does not fit my large noggin.


My hand isn't really good baby head size either. Oh well. Finished product!

I used this pattern: for the beanie part.

Then I had to figure out how to make the triangles. I knew what I wanted it to look like (ish) but none of the patterns were free and I’ll be damned if I’m paying $5 to get one! So I looked around until I found (free) directions on how to make triangles. This website was the most helpful:

Now, onto the next project. I made another slouchy hat, for my classmate because she asked if I would. I decided to try a bobble stitch hat. You can find the pattern here:

Slouch beginning

First round.


4 whole rounds. It's fun to watch it get bigger.


Close-up of the bobble stitch. This is the bobble as written in the pattern.


It matches my glasses.

Slouch Back

Back- I think I might take some leftover yarn and fill in the starting ring.

Not sure I needed the extra increase. It came out pretty slouched.

I hope she likes it!

Also. I finally got some duct tape….Prepare yourself. But not too soon, because I am in the midst of finals. Bleh. Hopefully this Thanksgiving weekend will have some crafting in it despite school trying to cramp my style. And, I really need a new model. I get tired of taking pictures of myself in my creations.


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