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Baby Bibs


I apologize in advance because a) I’ve been slacking on the blog and b) the project pics I’m about to share are less than awesome. I’ve been all tired and full of the winter lazyness, but that’s no excuse considering I have projects from this summer I could talk about without actually making anything new.  In my defense, this hasn’t been much of a break since I worked every week day we were not down South visiting the relatives. Now that we’re back from our trip to Louisiana I should probably get on this. Plus, I got a gift from my biffle that will hopefully inspire me to make a sewn craft before school starts again! (But more on that later).

This summer I made some baby bibs to test out my new sewing machine. I think they turned out pretty cute. Our niece was born in September and another friend had a baby in July, so I sent her one to test out! We finally got to meet our niece just before Christmas, so I got to show the things I had made for her and finally got a picture of the bib on an actual child! This is just the beginning of my semi-obsession with things that are reversible.
Basically, to make this bib I found a really simple outline on the internets, printed it out, and then messed around with it. It has an optional pocket, and the neck strap closes with a small piece of Velcro I had on hand. I can’t seem to find my link at the moment but I’ll keep looking.

First bib came out a bit smaller than I wanted...

At first, Chris was the only model I had.

Carter wearing his bib...not yet 2 months old, so as you can see that's pretty small.

You essentially sew this the same way you sew a pillow- inside out at first (right sides facing each other) and sew most of the way around. Then flip it right side out (the skinny neck part is the hardest part to turn…a pen helped me get it) and sew it all the way around- I used red thread on my second try for a cute little detail.

Decided that it had indeed come out too small, so I drafted a bigger pattern. Sorry this is blurry.

Lexi's reversible bib. She's way too cool for blah bibs in pink!

Dino side.

This is the bigger size pattern, but it's still relatively small. I could probably make it a little larger still.

I also, of course, made another slouchy hat, this time for my coworker’s sister in a pale green that she chose. I think it turned out pretty nicely, although the yarn was a bit thicker than the first hat I made with the same pattern, so I had to adjust some things and it came out a tad bigger.

Oops. This is what happens when you watch National Geographic's documentary on North Korea while crafting. I should have paid more attention.

Let’s be honest. I restarted this hat at least 3 times trying to get it the way that I wanted with the different yarn. I finally busted out half of it on a plane home from Baton Rouge (and the flight attendant was impressed with my speed- thank you ma’am for noticing).

That's better. Now it fits right. Apparently the person meant to receive this hat has a small head, so I may add one more row of single crochet.

Dig my string dangle? Well, I didn't snip it yet just in case I need to make a change. But I'm feeling more satisfied with it.

I’ll spare you a bajillionty pics since this is the same pattern as the blue hat in a different color. In fact, borrowing her hat before I sent it was like walking with an advertisement on my head so I should probably make some more stuff for myself. I got an awesome kelly green colored yarn so maybe I’ll make my own hat out of that.
I don’t know what’s up next because I haven’t decided yet, but as previously mentioned, my biffle Amanda got me this book for Christmas: and it’s pretty extensive. I think it already fixed my confusion on shortening a zipper and why maybe it messed up the wristlet I made this summer. Hopefully I’ll squeeze in a sewing project before my break is over!