Recycling Wedding Decorations! Peacock Feather Earrings


On Sunday I really felt like creating something but realized I didn’t have the instructions for the sewing project I wanted to start. Ah, the hazards of using library books for crafting. I decided to do another project I had been thinking about for some time but had yet to figure out the mechanics of- make some earrings with the peacock feathers I had leftover from our wedding in May.


Supplies: earring hooks, pliers, wire, feathers


I tried to pick feathers that were nearish the same size and eye shape.

Supplies I wish I had? Gloves. Like the canvas and rubber ones for gardening. My thumbs were crying by the end of this project. Wire is a cruel mistress.

I had to figure out how I wanted to attach the feathers to the ear hook itself, and obviously wire was the best choice. At first I tried to freehand something to go around the end of the feather, but that didn’t work out so well. Then, I had an idea!


Turns out a bent open bobby pin was almost the perfect size to wrap the wire around.

My first try was a bust, because I snipped the wire before thinking through all the way how I would make a loop for the hook to attach to, and I didn’t leave myself enough length to feed it through without the loop part being deformed and ugly. So on my next attempt, I left the tail long (about 2 inches) so I could feed it through the wrap I had made and pull so that each one was the same size. I didn’t really take pics of that part because I was distracted with how annoying it is to work with wire sometimes.

This is how the wire connector piece I made looks when finished.

And this is the full end result:


I ended up making 2 pair, once I had a system down it wasn't so bad. Now my sister wants some too.

Left whole, before I decided to trim the feathers.

I even got compliments when I wore them the next day, which always makes me feel awesomer when I can say I made them.

Maybe they’re a little big and loud, but I like them. At first I wasn’t sure about cutting them (since obviously there’s not ctrl+z with scissors), but after my friend’s statement that “if they are longer than your hair, they’re too big” I decided to go for it. I like the bottoms cut kind of funky to make them a little less huge and also a little less hippie.


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  1. Love the earrings and the frugality! I have some feathers I need to use, I’ll give this a try and see how they turn out. The DIY instructions with step by step pictures, for the visual learners, are great.

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