Super Scarf and a New Hat – for Me!


The last several hats I’ve made were for other people. I decided I wanted a hat of my own for our upcoming weekend getaway to Wisconsin in a few weeks, and I have had this awesome kelly green yarn but hadn’t decide what to use it on yet. I made this hat in purple for my classmate earlier. The pattern can be found here:

About halfway made.

Bobble stitches.

I did 4 rows of bobbles instead of 3 (as the pattern is written) because my gauge was too small and I needed it to be bigger.

I’ve been making all hats lately. It’s pretty cold in the windy city lots of the winter, so I decided I would make a nice thick scarf for the husband. And for me to steal when I don’t feel like wearing mine, which is sort of thin.

I used 3 different yarns, one was a bulky kind and the other two were smaller (black Caron, and cranberry Loops and Threads Impeccable) with a 8mm hook size L

Working with 3 strands wasn't as complicated as I thought it might be. I do wish I had had a slightly larger hook though.

This thing is like blanket level thickness. Mmm.

Chris doesn't really wear his scarves like this but I made him try it this way. He said it was too thick and like he was being choked, haha.

Ninja Chris approves this scarf!

I decided to crochet all weekend instead of doing homework. I will probably pay for that tomorrow. Next I think I would like to try this cute flower headband crochet pattern I found.


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