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Simplicity 3790 – Jersey and Upcycled Dress = New Shirt for Me!


Remember that little post awhile back with the cutting out of several patterns but not actually making a whole lot? Well, today that came in handy because I wanted to make a shirt with one of the several patterns I bought awhile back and incorporate this dress I got at the swap because I liked the pattern, and the pieces were all ready to go! I used Simplicity 3790 (knit tops), combining view E and F cause I like to do my own thing.


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Durango Beanie


My N button is not working properly so if Ns are randomly missing…blame my keyboard. Or me, because it’s probably crumbs causig the problem. That will teach me to eat near my computer.

I crocheted a hat out of the leftover red and black yarn I used in the scarf I made a few weeks ago. I think I really like this pattern- it was pretty fast to work up and considering it has a cute detail, pretty simple to follow. The pattern can be found here:

I used a J hook (not the I hook listed) because I crochet pretty tightly, and I added 2 extra length rows after the increases cause I have hair and a slightly large noggin. It came out a little larger than I planned. I probably could have done with just 1 extra row.


I like this design because you can't really see the seam up the back!


I may yet add one more row to the black bottom (half double crochet)


Close up!

There’s an alteration to the pattern you can make that makes the spokes come down swirled instead of straight (like the main picture here I think I will try that next if I make another. Also, the crumb under my N seems to have migrated! Or been crushed further.

Swap-O-Rama-Rama: Part 1- Tie Dye and Silk Screens


Yesterday I went to the Swap-O-Rama-Rama, which I originally heard about in this Meetup group called the Chicago Rebel Craft League (which you can check out here, if you’re interested: I’m so glad I heard about it, because it was great!


There were a lot of different stations: tie dye, silk screen, sewing, upcyle tshirt projects, handbags, knitting and crochet, embroidery, button making, and jewelry.

Everyone brings a bag of clothing they don’t want/use anymore, and the volunteers sort out the pieces on tables, which other people can then look through. I got a couple of shirts that I ended up putting silk screen designs on, and some shirt I would like to alter for myself later, plus some pieces that I really liked the print of and will deconstruct into fabric for other projects.

There’s going to be a part 2 post (tomorrow? Maybe) because I did several crafts and I might as well spread out the projects a little. Today, we’ll talk about silk screening and tie dye, with quite a few pictures.

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