Swap-O-Rama-Rama: Part 2- T-Shirt Necklaces


I learned another cool project while at the swap, and it’s a good way to get use those tshirts you never wear but can’t seem to part with.


Wood beads and dark blue fabric.

I'm sorry I was really lazy with these finished product photos. I was really tired after work but didn't want to keep putting them off.

They call it a tshirt necklace or scarf if you make it especially thick. Make sure the shirt has no side seams.

Step 1: Cut off the bottom hem of the shirt.

Step 2: make an indent anywhere to about one inch and keep cutting that strip as a spiral. Keep going until you’re near the armpits or so, and don’t worry too much about the edges being perfect. You won’t see them later.

Your strip will look like this.

Step 3: Cut your strip free of the remaining shirt.

Step 4: Pull on the strip. Have about an arms length with one end in each hand and just pull. Do this, working your way down the whole strip you created. This will cause it to roll in on itself and hide (for the most part) the raw edges.

Step 5: Place one end in your hand and hook your thumb over it (the way you might wrap up the power cord to your vacuum, sort of). If you want to add beads or anything else, now is the time to do it. Let it drape down to the length you want your necklace to be, and keep looping it at that length or vary the length of each loop, depending on how you want it to look.

Step 6: Cut it when you have enough loops to satisfy you, but leave some extra length to wrap the end. Wrap your long end around the loops you have created- the longer the end, the more of a wrapped look you will have (this is the “clasp” area that sits on your neck).

Step 7: Pull the end through under a wrap section, then pull it tight. This was the trickiest part for me. You will have a little end sticking out- just tuck it under the wrap section.

Tuck this little end inside the wrap part.

When you’re done, you can also make a matching bracelet if you want.

I made 3 sets.

This is the second one I made- I tried the strips a little thinner this time so I could use different colored beads- they had much smaller threading holes. It's also not as thick, so won't make my neck warm. Ignore my crazy hair.

This is the first one I made, in my favorite color.

This blurry gem is the last one I made, I'm considering gifting it to someone (if she likes it).

That’s all the steam I have for now… and I have a lot lot lot of grad school reading to do. Too bad you don’t get school credit for crafting!


About Pandercraft

I love to create things. I don't really have one craft specialty, I experiment in any craft that seems interesting to me at the time. I also dabble in photography, which I love. There's always something new to learn and that's what I'm all about!

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