Homemade Cards


Poor neglected blog! Well, I’m slowly crawling back from the brink of grad school induced insanity with a mere 6.5 days, half a grant proposal, and one presentation to go until the very end. While my brain was in manic mode this week, I had an idea for modifying a nice tote bag I got from work (complete with the less than attractive Lily logo). That will take place later since I still don’t yet have the time/energy/commitment to pick up that sewing combo project just yet. During a lazy lunch break on Thursday when I couldn’t bring myself to go to the gym I decided I would walk the mile to the craft store during my break instead to get the supplies for said project… I got fabric paint, a swiveling xacto thing, and some $1 stamps and ink pads that I thought would be fun (and were pretty cheap).

My plan involves making stencils. If you know me, you know I can’t draw or paint to save my life, so stencils seem like a reasonable solution. At any rate, potentially wasting fabric in the event of my stencils not coming out as planned seemed like a likely pitfall, so I decided papercrafts were the way to test them out- especially as I have a list of at least 5 people who need congrats/thanks/birthday cards (almost all of which are belated….sorry y’all!)


My fancy swivel cutter thingie, and the things I wanted to try first for making stencils- skeleton key and a fleur de lis.

I used cardstock that I had lying around from some other project I must have needed it for.

So far so good. This thing is pretty awesome!

Reason #234 I have neck pain...crafting always seems to involve hunching over. We need better lighting before I go blind, too!

That worked well. Truthfully, what I really want is a peacock feather stencil- but that will be more tedious and time consuming, and I wanted to test out the tool before I took that one on.

Next I tested it out- taping it down to another piece of paper so I could slip the card under it and have it held in place. Obviously, the paint didn't work out quite like I planned.

Note to self: let things dry before you impatiently try to move them for other forms of manhandling. Or the above will happen. I also had white paint on hand, so I actually ended up fixing this up a little so you could still see the shape of the fleur de lis (and less blob).

I decided to go the artsy route with my smudging. Then I used some of my stamps for the wording.

I should really be more patient, because this is for my sister whose bday is next week and she might see it on here before she sees it in person. But it’s been so long since I blogged I can’t help myself.


Upon some quick reflection I decided that sponging or spray painting over the stencil would have worked a lot better.

Ah yes. The stamp ink pad itself worked much, much better than the acrylic paint and brush.

I dig this skeleton key. My tote conversion might involve several different skeleton key silhouettes... but that's still TBD.

That's me! Back of the card

I’m also really enjoying have the ability to write things out in something other than my own handwriting. Ignore that wrinkle, oops. And also that weird dot that seems to be on my camera lens…

I like the way they turned out. Plus it's always nice to get things that are handmade, right?

I may yet add something to these two. Ribbon, glitter...something.

Well, that was a nice little reprieve from my craftless life of late! I can’t wait to make some more stencils and get to the playing with fabric and making myself new things part. Commencement is t-14 days! Thankfully the school work will be finished sooner than that.

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