Wedding Garters


With less than a month until the wedding, I finally finished the wedding garters for my bestie. Hopefully she really likes them!

Their theme is sort of tying the knot/celtic knots/handfasting, so I tried to incorporate that with my choice of charm. This will be another “sort of tutorial”.

Celtic knot charms and light blue satin (which hopefully won't show through her dress!)

These weren’t all THAT hard to do, but turning a tiny tube of fabric right side out is time consuming.

Started with two strips of fabric about 2 and 3/4 inches wide and 32 inches long.

Ok, technically that’s not what I “started with”. I had to do this step a second time because the first set I cut out were way too narrow to allow for me to actually sew them and later still have the elastic fit through. Lesson learned (again- I’ve had this problem more than once). I don’t 100% remember how I came up with 32″ length- I googled some tutorials or something and then made it up.

Fold each strip in half, right sides facing each other. I ironed the seam so it would stay together, pinned it, and sewed along the raw edge to create my tube. I double stitched the last bit so it would hold up while being turned right side out.

Then you have to put some effort into turning the tube right side out once it has been sewn... this may require creative thinking on your part.

I found that my smallest crochet hook was quite handy for this purpose. I also double stitched the last bit so it would hold up while being turned right side out. The seam of the tube is along the backside so no one can see it.

After ironing the crease out as much as possible, I pinned the tube to my sheer ribbon and sewed along the edge.

Before sewing the edge I put some of the elastic into the fabric to see how close to the edge I should sew and make sure I had enough space. I didn’t want to feed the elastic and then sew, as I wanted the elastic to be able to move freely. I did have the bride’s leg measurement, and ended up using about 18″ of elastic  (about 5 less than her size); this elastic wasn’t particularly stiff and had a lot of give.

Elastic! This wasn't as bad as turning the tube.

Use a safety pin to help feed it through.

Then I sewed the loose ends together. Make sure nothing is twisted around first!

I sewed an X because that seemed to make sense to me so the pulling would be evenly distributed and not eventually tear the elastic inside.

First one is mostly done!

All of this was x2 which got a little time consuming since I had never made garters before. Eventually all I had left was to add the charms.

"Toss" Garter

"Keep" Garter

"Keep" Garter

Finished set - thanks to my throw pillow for modeling since I wasn't feeling up to it. Plus that feels a little weird.

I wasn't going to do a bow at all, but since she kind of wanted one, I was torn between white, silver, and orange-y. I decided to go with the white and silver together just on the keep garter.

I do wish I had some kind of baby pearls or something to put at the keyhole of each charm, but at some point I have to stop making 80 trips to the craft store for one small project and just finish the damn thing. I hope they live up to her expectations!


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