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It’s Cooking Season and We Have No Potholders. This Will Not Do.


Lots of things going on since my last post. We got a whole slew of new interns at work at the end of August, and I took on some more titles so things there have been pretty busy. Last month, we moved into a new apartment (half a mile from where we lived before, but nevermind that) and it is wonderful! I’m even getting into cooking since our new kitchen is so awesome. And I have a cool adult designed closet in my new craft room. Last night I finally got around to doing a project in there!

Sneak Peak of my new room:

Craft Room 1

This is all you get to see for now, because this is the area that looks nice. Off camera, there's a pile of clean laundry waiting to be folded and my cozy armchair really needs a shampooing.

I worked on two things last night. One of the aforementioned interns knows about my fledgling sewing skills and asked me to repair a dress of hers. My first request! (Well, for sewing.) Of course, at any given time I also have a running list of things I want to make, some in various states of half-done-ness.  One of those projects was some potholders out of scrap pieces. I have a really great new red casserole dish, but it’s pretty heavy and I need more than our single kitchen towel to pull it out- so I deemed this project now a necessity.


Some scraps, plus a decent size chunk of felt and some potato bag batting.

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