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Convertible Crochet Cowl


Went a little cray cray on the yarn ordering last week because Joann’s had free shipping and 30% off. So I got myself a nice chunky “Tweed Stripe” from Lion Brand Yarn (along with 4 other skeins of other colors). I’ve had my eye on a convertible cowl and also a hooded scarf pattern for awhile. I decided to go for the cowl because it seems like something I’ll use more often.

Mmm cozy.

I didn’t do much of a tutorial since this is someone else’s pattern and you can find it here:

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Basic 5×7 Handmade Envelopes: Tutorial


Since I just took some senior pictures for my sister I wanted to send a few 5x7s to our family with our Christmas cards this year. Unfortunately (or fortunately, since it gave me a craft project to work on?) the cards I already had were smaller than 5×7, so the pictures wouldn’t fit in the envelopes that came with them. I decided to make some.

I spent some time looking around for a pattern or a template online, but I didn’t have much luck finding ones I liked that were the right size. I decided to just do what seemed logical to me in the scheme of envelopes.

First, I found some cardstock I had around (standard 8×11 paper size). I realized later I probably had some colored construction paper somewhere, but the white made the stamps show up better anyways. The first one wasn’t as awesome as it could have been, mostly because I was using it for trial and error. Turns out I wish I had more stamps! If we’d had some potatoes I might have tried to make one.

Let's mail some holiday cheer, yo.

Supplies you will need: scissors, heavyweight paper of some sort, your choice of decorating supplies, a pen or pencil, and glue or tape. And postage, if you ever want your mail to get delivered.

Alternatively, you could use two thinner papers (wrapping paper and regular weight, for example) and glue the two pieces together to make a regular weight envelope. I wanted these to be heavier, to protect the pictures from our trusty postal service’s ungentle hands.

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Collage Jewelry


Today I went to a meetup of the Chicago Revel Craft League.  It came with tasty brunch and all the supplies! I forced myself to go despite being partly hungover from our surprisingly rowdy house warming party.

I made two pieces of jewelry, one of which can’t be shared yet because it’s a Christmas gift. I took some pictures of the one I made for myself though.

Side #1

Sadly, since it was a pretty crowded event I didn’t take any pictures while I was putting this together. These are made of 2 pieces of “memory glass” which basically looked like microscope slides to me. There were two sizes of square ones, and this rectangular shape.  You make a small collage out of the pieces you want, and the cool part is, you can make two unique sides so it’s reversible! For this side, I used part of a peacock feather (sword style), some scrapbook paper for the background, and I typed my last name in a font that I liked. It was too bright white for the look I had in mind, so I dipped the printed name in some coffee for a more antiqued look. Then, I used just a little bit of glue stick to hold the pieces in place while I worked on the other side.

Side #2

More scrapbook paper for the background, a little red stamp I cut out from somewhere, my initial, and a butterfly sticker someone else brought to the party. I actually think I ended up liking this side better, especially after Chris told me the first side looks “very festive” (meaning it looks like a Christmas tree. Which is NOT what I was going for!). To finish this project, you use metal tape- it was pretty hard to wrap around it the exact way I wanted, as you don’t get much of a lip to work with. It has an adhesive backing and as you can see, looks just like metal. Then you use whatever kind of hook you want to (sorry, I’m not a jewelry maker so I’m not sure the right terminology for that) thread your chain/necklace part through. I used a crimper but if you crimp it too hard, it cracks the glass, so I also put some gorilla glue to keep it secure. I need to clean it up a little bit where the glue puffed up. I used some of the chain our hostess provided and shortened it with some jewelry pliers, and added a lobster claw for closure.

Moderate length on the chain.

I’ll have to try it on with something that actually coordinates with it instead of my Saints shirt before I decide if I like it enough to wear. My gift piece definitely turned out a bit better since I made it first and wasn’t as tired and ready to get home.