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Upcycling Event Magnets


I work at a non-profit. I also have a hard time throwing things away. Considering my boss has the same problem, this is not a good combination if you’re trying to avoid accumulating junk.

We have an annual walk (as most non-profits these days seem to do) and we had a LOT of magnets leftover with the exact event date on them. They’re square. I couldn’t bring myself to let people throw them away, so my boss started stacking them in my office. Stacks. And stacks. A business card case full. (Only mildly related, I’ve suggested for next year we put the date on the lower half so that we could potentially have our logo at the top, cut the date off when the event is passed, and have magnets with just our logo to still hand out for fun).

While perusing pinterest, I saw a post of someone’s fun printed coasters they had made, and an idea was born. I could totally reuse our square magnets as coasters!!

My first idea was to decoupage them so they could be fun magnets, OR coasters as needed (and no need to store them in a drawer, taking up space). This, however, was sort of fail-


See, it's the right size for a coaster. I've blurred the magnet so none of you can stalk me at work...because I know you all secretly want to hunt me down. I kid, I kid.


Modge podge and some tissue paper. Unfortunately, you can see some of the magnet design through several layers of modgepodged things, and I was worried this would get too heavy to function as a magnet.

Then, I had another inspiration from a different pin on my craft board. Chalk board paint! These could be used as little mini chalkboard for notes on the fridge (and, also for writing your name on your coaster if that sounds like fun).

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Handmade Ryan Gosling & Youtube Sensations


This is totally NOT a post in which I talk about a craft I made. At all. Well, mostly.

#1: Check out the video I helped my friend film (all editing and creative credits go to her. I was just the hardware available). Sh#t Everyone Says to Asian Girls:!

You should know, I do have a completed craft on standby to be photographed when I get my camera back from my youtube sensation friend above- January will not go down as a month with no craft!

#2: If you haven’t seen it already, Handmade Ryan Gosling is a tumblr that appears to have been created just for me.

In particular, this one screams Pandercraft: Image

Ryan Gosling understands what it is to have a craft blog. If only my husband had gotten this meme. Did I use that right?