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DIY Light Switch Plate Pizzaz


I’ve been looking for a smallish project to work on lately. While perusing Pinterest awhile ago, I saw a cool light switch plate cover that someone had decorated. Then I started searching for others and found stuff covered in decoupage, fabric, paint, metal, glue, all kinds of stuff. I decided that while I can’t really paint my office (well, I probably could, with the caveat that I also have to paint it back to a neutral color when we move, and to that, I say PSH) I could add a little pizazz by making my own cover plates!

Turns out these things are really cheap, too. I got some extra large ones for about $1 each at Home Depot. Oh, and then I proceeded to spend like $30+ on bulbs and planters because I’ve decided that despite my track record (Cacti killed to date: 2) I would attempt some gardening at our apartment. I just want our patio to look like it’s out of a home and garden magazine, is that so much to ask?

Moving on.

Let's get started.

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