DIY Light Switch Plate Pizzaz


I’ve been looking for a smallish project to work on lately. While perusing Pinterest awhile ago, I saw a cool light switch plate cover that someone had decorated. Then I started searching for others and found stuff covered in decoupage, fabric, paint, metal, glue, all kinds of stuff. I decided that while I can’t really paint my office (well, I probably could, with the caveat that I also have to paint it back to a neutral color when we move, and to that, I say PSH) I could add a little pizazz by making my own cover plates!

Turns out these things are really cheap, too. I got some extra large ones for about $1 each at Home Depot. Oh, and then I proceeded to spend like $30+ on bulbs and planters because I’ve decided that despite my track record (Cacti killed to date: 2) I would attempt some gardening at our apartment. I just want our patio to look like it’s out of a home and garden magazine, is that so much to ask?

Moving on.

Let's get started.

I have two light switches in my room- the main overhead one, and one just for my badass closet. I decided that I wanted to make the colors sort of opposite of each other (mostly because I couldn’t decide which shade of greenish blue to use).

Base coat.

Just ignore the odd Chicago Reader cover I’m using to protect this TV tray from paint. While I was waiting for this coat to dry, I may or may not have painted that girl’s hair blue with leftover paint. Then, when this was dry, I decided that I wanted the edge to be the opposite color, so even though they won’t be identical, they’ll still coordinate. Which means- painter’s tape!

It was a little tough to make sure they were straight, but what the hey, I just eyeballed it.

Be sure your paint is FULLY dry before you put the tape on. Definitely had to repaint one side of the light blue one because I got too antsy and taped my lines off when it was still slightly tacky. I could make this look smooth and effortless, but no, I’m totally honest on every screw up I make so that maybe someone else can avoid doing the same. So you should listen.

Make sure it is COMPLETELY dry before you pull the tape off. Notice how I mentioned that twice now? Yeah.

This project ended up taking a lot longer than I originally thought, just due to drying time.

Mostly crisp lines. A few tiny areas bled under the tape.

I hadn’t quite decided what to do beyond this point, but then I realized the colors I’m using are sorta similar to our shower curtain, which I still LOVE:

Bright and festive.

So that was sort of my inspiration for the design I created.

I started with just the yellow portion, but decided I wanted to add some red too, for a little pop.

Then I impatiently let them dry. Again. These get dinged up easily because I didn’t sand the surface or prepare it in any way for the paint, so I figured I should spray this acrylic coat over it to protect it a bit.

There's just something about spray cans, even if it's not spray paint, that is fun. Make sure you do this in a well-ventilated area!

Before. Borrrrring.

After! Baddabing!


I hate how after I finish a blog post I think of 8000 other things I could/should/might do to the “finished” project. For example- should I paint those screws? Or leave them the same color as the switch? Meh. I already cleaned up all the paint mess. I guess I’ll leave it. For now.

So if you’re a renter and you want a little fun in your rental without all the labor of painting and re-painting an entire room, this was a fun alternative, and you can change it to something else whenever you get bored- for really cheap!


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