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Pine Needle Basket Tutorial


Finally, another guest post! This tutorial is courtesy of the best grandmother on the planet, Sharon Woods. She splits her time between our homeland of Washington, and California. She made these in Hemet, CA. I apologize for the weird coloration issues in some of the pictures, saving them did something wonky. But you should still be able to get the idea.

What you need:

1. Long pine needles green or brown gathered or purchased, Douglas or Ponderosa pine is good.

2. A ball of thin twine or heavy crochet thread.

3. Scissors.

4. Masking tape.

5. Darning needle.

6. A piece of plastic soda straw about 1.5” long.

7. A thin piece of wood that is round and about 3” diameter. Craft stores have them.

8. 3/32” drill bit to make holes in the wood round.

Gather pine needles and wash them with a little dish soap and a few drops of bleach and rinse them. Spread out to dry then store in a cool dry place. Soak the pine needles for an hour before beginning a basket.

Drill holes in wood approx. ½ an inch a part. Check to see if your needle with the twine or crochet thread can pass thru the holes before starting your basket.  With twine I use a single strand. With the crochet thread I fold it in half and use it doubled. Remove the sheaths that hold the pine needles together. Fill your piece of soda straw with pine needles, this is your gauge. Thread the needle with a piece of twine about a yard long. Tie one end around the bundle of needles you have sticking out the end of the straw. Pass the needle with thread through a hole in the wood and then wrap it around the pine needles and back through. Move soda straw to the left as you sew the needles to the edge of the wood.

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Dog Treat Pouch


So our foster pup who will probably never leave us, has to go to dog school if he gets to be part of Team Fontaine. Doogie has been with us since Christmas. He has some dog on dog aggression issues, and fear of basically everything (loud noises, men, the wind) but if you’ve ever trained a dog you know that for most dogs, food is better than gold. Doogie would commit murder for some hot dog (even a Turkey dog). Though this upcoming week is his last week of this particular class, training is an ongoing thing so I decided to make him a cute treat pouch! Mostly because if I don’t have pockets it’s really tough to have that ziplock bag in one hand and ready to go when he’s doing the right thing.

Things you will need:

4 rectangles of fabric (two cotton or some other cute print, the other two vinyl or similar for the interior)

Ribbon, basting tape, or fabric that has been folded into something suitable for your drawstring

Basic sewing stuff: machine, thread, seam ripper

Ready? Bring on the bacon.

What kind of tasty treats might be in here...

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