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Crochet Monsters


I saw these crochet monsters on pinterest and pinned them as an idea for a gift for our niece. I’m not going to re-write this tutorial, because there is an excellent one written here:, which means I didn’t take in-the-process pictures.

However, I wanted to share my little monster creations! And clarify (hopefully) one of the steps that I thought was a little confusing. This is a GREAT remnant buster.

You’re basically going to crochet in the round (roughly 3 rounds of increases, depending on the weight of your yarn, how tightly you crochet, and how large you want your monster to be), then maintain that size for however many rounds get your monster to the height you desire.

This was my first monster, which is pretty small compared to a few later ones:

My (nice) little monster!

You will need:

H hook (or similar size)

Yarn (the yellow girl is leftover baby Bernat yarn)

White (or color of your choice) felt for the eyes

Safety eyes (I found these on etsy, they have an anchor on the back to keep them from coming off)

A yarn needle (for sewing your top and bottom together)

Stuffing (aka Polyfil or similar)

Black and white thread for making a mouth (the tutorial says embroidery thread, which might work better, but I used regular sewing thread I already had on hand).

Fabric/craft glue

I crocheted 3 increasing rounds, and about 9 maintaining (single crochet only) rounds for the height. The small weight of this yarn means that she is small, too. Then, you’ll start a new round (same amount of increases) but stop at the last increase and use this disc as your bottom. Leave a long-ish tail on the disk, as you will use this to sew together the two pieces.

Before you start sewing, cut out the felt eyes (or eye!) how you want them. You will need to make a small slit in the felt to put the safety eye post through. Now place your safety eyes (with felt attached) where you want them- the safety washer for the back takes some force to snap on.

Now, sew your two pieces together [If you need a visual on how to sew the two piece together, which is where I got a little confused but just winged it, you can view this tutorial here which has great pictures:

Just like making a pillow, you don’t want to completely sew your two pieces together just yet- sew most of the way and leave a gap big enough to stuff with stuffing. Once stuffed, finish sewing the two pieces together.

Last, you’ll sew the mouth. It was hard to get the lines straight at first but I got the hang of it as I practiced- there wasn’t a lot of instruction on this part. I made the thread as if I were mending something by hand (regular sewing needle), and put it through the hole part of my crochet stitch- repeat in about 2 stitches at a time (more than that, and there’s a lot of room for the thread to pull as a little one is playing with their monster) – and since I used regular thread I had to back track several times to make it thick enough to really see the mouth.

Square tooth!

After you’ve put your guy together, you can add details- teeth, a bow, etc. You will also want to use your glue to secure the outer (felt) part of the eye down. I used the same stuff to secure the teeth, though I don’t feel confident in their sticking power. I may try some white thread to make sure it stays.

Oh hey! I’m just a friendly monster.

I made this green guy out of some variegated sugar n’ creme 100% cotton yarn that the dog had unraveled. He’s probably my favorite so far.

The whole monster crew (so far).

I’m ready to make some more!

DIY Racerback Workout Shirt – No Sew!


Saw this idea on Pinterest the other day, and for those of your who don’t have a sewing machine, this involved no sewing of any kind! I’m still shocked this took me about 8 minutes, because I’m that person to whom the term “easy project” does not apply, because no matter what it is somehow it takes me hours longer than everyone else.

Which has instructions, but also provided a link to even BETTER instructions for someone like me, courtesy of Rabbit food for my Bunny Teeth:

All picture instructions (but not the Ikea kind)? YES PLEASE!

Look, a seriously pitted out shirt I used for hiking and kayaking. I almost threw it away 3 weeks ago when I was purging things that have become too big, but I like the design and couldn’t part with it, so it was relegated to the painting/crafting section of my closet.

Cut it up.

Cut the back a bit lower than the front, in more of a V shape.

Use the strip you cut off the bottom to wrap/knot/otherwise tie your straps together. I also cut the neckline a bit bigger from the side like this, to make sure it was even.

That’s it! Seriously. Now go get ripped.

I’m definitely going to make a few more of this and make the large number of useless/mostly unworn tshirts I have, useful again! Tshirts can have a life after college after all! I love recycling.