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Bedoozzle a Flash Drive


Pretty sure “bedazzle” is copyrighted so I just made up my own word. [Also, sadly, I missed my July quota/overall commitment of at least one new post per month, because Comcast decided last night was a great time to completely shut down all of my internetz while I was trying to put up this blog post. Failcake.]

I got this idea from a post on pinterest (I think? It was awhile ago… I can’t remember for sure) in which someone used loose glitter on a house key (instead of those rubber caps you can buy to tell them apart) and then used clear nail polish as a sealant.

My bestie sent me a great care package a month or two ago, and I know she’s been wanting some new music and could use a mood boost while she hunts for a better job. Instead of making her a CD like we have done in the past, I decided to do my own bedazzling of a flash drive full of new music!

There’s not a whole lot to this project, so it’s fun for when you when you’re feeling crafty but want to make something small/not time intensive.

I used:

1 2GB flash drive I had laying around

Silver Sharpie paint pen

Glitter nail polish of your choice (or loose glitter)

Clear nail polish

It's great when you can use stuff you already had laying around.

It’s so great when you can use stuff you already had laying around.

I colored mine in silver.

More stuff I already had!

Then I coated with the sparkle polish.

Not sure why some of these finished pics came out so blurry… it’s like the sparkle was messing with my focus or something.

I would recommend NOT doing all the layers of polish in the area where the cap slides over. It makes it extremely hard to get the cap back on. Luckily for me, I had some sandpaper on hand to sand it down and make it fit again.

I also had some manicure rhinestones around and put one on each side. Then I used the clear polish over everything- two coats to makes sure things aren’t going to flake off.

In all its bedoozled glory.

This is a nice small gift when you don’t want to spend a ton but want to show some appreciation. And you’re not limited to just music- you could make a photo album of some kind on a personally decorated flash drive too! I might make some of these for Christmas or something.