Magnetic Makeup Organizer (and Bathroom Art Piece)


Happy October! I love fall. That whole spring cleaning thing? Yeah, no. I’m way more interested in FALL cleaning, because sometime soon I’ll be trapped indoors by the unpleasant Chicago winter. So it’s time to get organized!

This project is based on yet another pinterest find. Seriously, a million thanks to whoever thought that site up. Original concept from:

Between my sister and I sharing a bathroom now, what was already a near counterspace-less room has become even more cramped. As soon as I saw this project I thought it was a brilliant (and cute) solution to the problem. My sister ruined our shower curtain with hair dye awhile back and I made her replace it, so I had some matching shower curtain fabric laying around and decided this would be a perfect use for it!

Things you’ll need:

A somewhat large frame (size depends on how much makeup you own) – I got mine at the thrift store for $2

Sheet metal (mine is 26 gauge)

Snips for cutting your metal- I bought “straight cut Aviation Snips”

Spray or regular paint

Fabric in a coordinating or complementary color/print

Magnets – 3/4″ round, I bought “Magnum Magnetics” kind off of Amazon. They’re plenty strong for makeup.

Hot glue gun (with glue, preferably)

Spray adhesive or, if you didn’t buy any and are working on this project late at night like me, super glue will do in a pinch.

I have to warn you. All the supplies for this kind of added up quick. With the snips and metal alone, I spent almost $35. Spray paint ain’t that cheap these days, either. If you want cheap fabric i recommend recycling something, or buying fat quarters on sale at the craft store.

My thrift store finds:


Ugly thrift store art! Looks like something a little old lady would hang in her bathroom. No offense, little old ladies with taste.

First, team Fontaine kinda had to bust out some tools to get the backs off of these frames. Because they’re decor and not really photo frames, the backing was on solid and involved a lot of staples that had to be pulled out.


The hubs

I had to enlist some husband help because I kept envisioning pulling out a staple, shattering the glass, and cutting my hand to pieces.

Arm workout. Definitely scraped up the side of my arm against the wood.

I started thinking about how I could also use these as photo props after they’re painted…

After we finished that, I went outside and spray painted all of my frames. I had 3 different colors.



Spraying. I cut open some heavy duty grocery bags to protect our patio.

Spray painting isn’t as easy as it sounds. You really have to be careful not to get overzealous with it or you’ll get runs in the paint. I have a problem with overzealousness.

Pretty, funky frames.

Then I cut my metal. Then I went to Home Depot, was given the run around because apparently sheet metal is a lot to ask for at a hardware store, and finally was directed to the right place where I was informed I could buy sheet metal, but only in two sizes, and I would have to buy snips to cut it myself. Awesome.

I bought 26 gauge metal, and 24 gauge snips (that sounds backwards, but much like piercing jewelry, gauging numbers are reversed- the larger the number, the thinner/smaller it is. So a 24 gauge snip can cut a 26 gauge piece of sheet metal, but 22 gauge metal would be too thick.) I used the cardboard inserts we had pulled out of the frames as a guide and sharpied a line on there to cut along with the straight cut aviation snips I mentioned.

Careful…this shit is sharp.


Then I cut out my fabric so it has a bit of an edge allowance (for those of you who don’t sew, that means cut the fabric a little bigger than your metal so you have excess to work with), and put super glue on one edge at a time. You should work across from the edge you start with so that you can be sure to pull it all the way taught. You should also iron the fabric first so there’s no wrinkles.

Sorry the lighting in this picture is terrible. This is the back where I glued the fabric down.

Once the fabric covering is done, you can put your metal insert inside the frame and make sure it looks good. I didn’t worry about the back being too neat since no one will see it.

Metal is fully wrapped in fabric.

Lastly, you’ll want to hot glue magnets onto the back of your makeup.


Glue ’em with your hot glue gun.

Nice bright pop of color that you can hang on the wall.

I’m realizing as I’ve set these face down to work on, that I need to shellac them or do something else to make the paint not so tacky/easily chipped.
This particular frame didn’t have any method to hang from the wall on it- so I had to stop and buy some little teeth things at the dollar store and hammer it to the back.


Hanging in the bathroom…took me a minute to decide which wall to put it on.

I like how it turned out. When the rest are done maybe I’ll make an update post to show some other frame/fabric combinations (I’m making 3 more, at least). I do have some prescription bottles I’ll try to make into brush holders, but I didn’t have any silver or black spray paint, and that’s what color I would like to make them.

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