Cuddly Fleece Blanket


Well, 2012 is almost at its end. Figured I’d squeeze in one last post before 2013 begins!

I wanted to make this fleece blanket for our niece- but I wanted to do something different, not the no-sew tied version- and I wanted to customize it with her initial. I was hoping to give it to her when we visited for Thanksgiving, but it wasn’t done yet, and even though I brought it along on the trip it still didn’t get finished. And then Christmas was here and it still wasn’t quite done. I suppose New Years was the kick I needed to finish it for good.  Can’t have this unfinished project hanging over my head. (We’ll just pretend this is the only half-finished project on my roster right now even though my bar is covered in seed beads and hot glue).

Hey, she’s only 2…she won’t mind getting a random present not on Christmas, right? Right.

Things you will need:

Fleece (I bought 2 yards. I think. It was awhile ago, obviously.)

Fat quarter of some cute coordinating print to use for the initial

Embroidery needle

Embroidery thread in coordinating color


Blanket stitch.

Blanket stitch.

You are essentially going to put two big pieces of fleece together (make sure everything is right side out how you want it to look at the end, as you will not be turning this project inside out as you would a pillow) and sew all around the edges.

I used a blanket stitch. For great instructions on how to do a blanket stitch (complete with pictures), check here:

I sewed three sides of my blanket closed.

Then I cut my coordinating fabric into an L by doubling it up on itself, cutting, turning it right side out, and sewing the L closed like a pillow. For the last edge, I folded over a 1/4 inch seam and only sewed it closed with the embroidery thread. I had to double up the fabric because it was thin, and the pattern of the fleece was visible through it when it was only one layer. If your coordinating fabric is thick enough, you can just leave it as a single layer, pressing 1/4″ seems all around.

The color of the thread doesn't really matter, because you're going to turn it inside out so it's not visible anyways.

The color of the thread doesn’t really matter, because you’re going to turn it inside out so it’s not visible anyways.

Then I sewed it onto one of my panels where they were still open. You can’t do the letter last, as you’ll be able to see your likely not-very-pretty stitching on the reverse side.

Finished blanket.

Finished blanket.

Too bad I didn't finish this a month ago, cause now I have to mail it.

Too bad I didn’t finish this a month ago, cause now I have to mail it.

Note: My L came out kind of wonky. This is because as usual, I didn’t think this through all the way and decided to free hand it. You can see it “bubbling” a little bit, because it wasn’t 100% taut (fleece stretches). Word to the wise- you should pin your letter in place and sew it onto one of your panels of fleece FIRST, and thennn sew your two fleece panels together.  On the bright side, at least I like it kind of off-kilter like it ended up.

I made the blanket fairly large for such a small kidlet- it fits over a good bit of our queen size bed:

So cozy.

So cozy. Perfect for wrapping up in!

Even though it took me forever to finish the blanket, I finally did get to give her the crochet monsters I made months back when we visited for Turkey Day. She loved them!

Cute little girl monster.

Cute little girl monster.

All monsters lined up and ready to play!

All monsters lined up and ready to play!

Back to the blanket- this is a great project for winter months when you want to make something but also want to watch marathons of Dollhouse on Amazon Prime and generally hole up in your house. You could also make it out of two fleeces with different patterns! I considered putting all the letters of the alphabet on it to make it all cool and educational, but it took me 3 months to finish this with just the 1 letter, so that didn’t happen. There are lots of options to customize this, for an adult or a kid.

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