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Personalized Mugs


Ever want to decorate or design your own coffee mug? You’re in luck! You are only limited by your ability to draw. Which, for some of us is quite a handicap but hey. This is a pretty fun, cheap (ish) project if you want to give it a whirl.

My sister is moving into her very first apartment after living with my husband and me for a year now. I wanted to make something cute for her as a housewarming gift, and she is obsessed with owls. So I decided to make two owl mugs. They turned out pretty cute considering I generally cannot draw to save my life. I won’t lie. I’m mildly impressed with myself.

Twas a lovely crafternoon last weekend.

Twas a lovely crafternoon last weekend.

Things you will need:

Sharpie pens and/or paint pens (oil based is better, read note below)

Ceramic dishware, undecorated (see note #2)

An oven that can be heated to 400 degrees (had I attempted this in MY very first apartment, in which our oven did not surpass 200 degrees , I may have failed)

Oven mitts or something else to take your hot ceramic dishes out of the oven with safely.

Optional: Acrylic paint and paint brush

Quick and dirty directions: decorate with oil based paint. Bake in your oven at 400 degrees for 30 minutes.

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Spring Remix! Customized Dress Straps


Well, it’s ALMOST Spring, anyways. I’ve had this dress of my friend’s sitting on my craft room desk since October.

You know the kind of dress I’m talking about. Those cute little summer dresses with the tie-able straps that seem like a good idea in theory, but once you wear it for more than 3 minutes in a dressing room, you realize how poor a design feature it really is:

I used to have this exact dress. Then I wore it once and immediately donated it.

I used to have this exact dress. Then I wore it once and immediately donated it. And now some other poor sap is stuck with it. Oops.

She asked me to do something with the dress so that it wouldn’t look lumpy under a cardi or jacket. So, I cut the ties off. Snip, snip.

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Craft Fail: Beer Bottle Drinking Glass


I’m sure you all have seen this pin. Someone claims they made a drinking glass out of a Corona bottle, by simply braiding some yarn, soaking it in nail polish remover, tying it around the bottle, then lighting said yarn on fire for 30-40 seconds, ending with a dunk in ice water in which the bottle is supposed to just “come apart”. [For reference, see: ]

My friend Monica and I had a crafternoon yesterday and we decided to try this for kicks.

All I had around was a Leinenkugel Vanilla Snow Porter bottle, which is dark glass (not clear). Perhaps this impacted our results? Sorry for loving dark beer.

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