Craft Fail: Beer Bottle Drinking Glass


I’m sure you all have seen this pin. Someone claims they made a drinking glass out of a Corona bottle, by simply braiding some yarn, soaking it in nail polish remover, tying it around the bottle, then lighting said yarn on fire for 30-40 seconds, ending with a dunk in ice water in which the bottle is supposed to just “come apart”. [For reference, see: ]

My friend Monica and I had a crafternoon yesterday and we decided to try this for kicks.

All I had around was a Leinenkugel Vanilla Snow Porter bottle, which is dark glass (not clear). Perhaps this impacted our results? Sorry for loving dark beer.

Reportedly, you need:

Braided yarn (took 3 attempts to get it long enough to tie around the bottle…) soaked in nail polish remover, check-

Craft Weekend11

Beer bottle, check-

Craft Weekend12

Fire, check-

Craft Weekend17

Ice bath, (maybe a little light on the ice) check-

Craft Weekend19


Friend’s partner willing to hold a flaming beer bottle AND submerge his hands in ice water.

Craft Weekend18

Sooo, we tried this twice and neither time accomplished anything. Womp womp.  Thought we might have a little luck of the Irish since it was St. Patrick’s Day and all, but no dice.

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