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Build a Bed


We’ve had plans to make a bed frame for awhile. Big plans.

Of course I love most things on Ana White’s website. If you haven’t seen her site, you definitely should- great DIY build plans that are all free. I had something like this in mind for our queen bed: Because storage is a perennial problem in my life and I will forever blame it on the design of where I live and lack of storage space [however, I am proud to announce that I donated of 3 garbage bags of stuff yesterday].

Now let me fill you in on the situation we had going on that necessitated a new frame. I’m sorry that I was so antsy to get this deathtrap out of our house that I did not take a picture of it for posterity, but I will describe it to the best of my ability.

Our old bed:

Metal frame, nothing fancy. You know the kind- it folds in on itself. Brown, ugly. On risers to accommodate our suitcases underneath…Wait, google can help me out!

You've seen this before...but not like ours.

You’ve seen this before…but not like ours.

That! But held together with zip ties. Yep. Because last time we moved, we damaged the metal clamps I got with the bed when I bought this frame in 2009. And despite ordering 2 different types of replacement sets on Amazon, neither of them would hold the bed together properly and finally Mr. Pandercraft decided that zipties would do an ok short term job.

Except by short term we apparently meant the entire year and a half we’ve lived here. A year and a half of rolling toward each other every night because surprise, zipties are flexible and let the bed bow in the middle. A year and a half of going to bed hoping we didn’t go crashing to the ground in the middle of the night (hey, it only happened twice!).

No more. Either we’re getting old or this setup was aging our backs and finally, after 2 months of what we’ll call “planning” but was really us avoiding doing any work outdoors in Chicago winter, we were ready. I had a 3 day weekend and it was time to get our build on.

If you looked at the plan link above, you can tell I had my usual ambitious “I can make that!” attitude on. I started out like this:



I should have taken a picture of myself at Home Depot the first day we went. After 10 minutes, the aisles on aisles of plywood, 2x4s, and other seemingly random sizes of wood combined with the cost to make my dream bed had me more like this:

After 10 minutes at Home Depot

After 10 minutes at Home Depot

All of that to say we did NOT follow the Ana White plan I wanted. At all. Plywood is surprisingly expensive, and as we all know, I’m cheap at heart. In my frustration I finally told Mr. Pandercraft to just do whatever it was he kept trying to explain to me with words and no pictures. This is a photo-heavy blog because I am a visual learner. Verbally explaining projects like this to me is like…so pointless I don’t even have a good analogy for something equally pointless but funnier.

Anyways, now that I’ve laid out the background lets get to work.

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My First Sale!


…And it was for a good cause. Thursday night was a major gala and auction event for a local non-profit I support.

I made a second jewelry hanger in more neutral colors and donated it to their silent auction:

Because lava red doesn't mesh with everyone's palette.

Because lava red doesn’t mesh with everyone’s palette.

Funny enough, the winning bidder was a lovely volunteer I know, so it will go to a good home!

Selling something I created was one of my goals for 2013, so I’m pretty happy.

We clean up pretty good.

We clean up pretty good.

And me and Mr. Pandercraft had a great time.

Up next: me and the Mr. build a bedframe. We even used a saw and still have 4 hands between us!

Nightstand Makeover


When my sister moved in with us, I gave her my large red nightstand that is too big for our bedroom. The rooms in this place are TINY. I’ve had it since I lived in Louisiana and have trucked it around through about 4 moves. It had a great huge dresser that matched, but I ended up selling it two apartments ago because there was no space for it. Tiny rooms plague most of Chicago. Ah, urban life. You are the opposite of spacious.

Anywho, I told her she could keep it and offered to give it a makeover for her for her new apartment!

Things you will need:

Paint (and maybe primer)

Small roller and paint tray

Small paint brush

The ability to not get paint all over your apartment/clothes/self because painting outside in 30 degrees isn’t a great idea

Oops. Clearly failed. Though I think I could rock some blue hair.

Clearly I failed those instructions. Though I think I could rock some blue hair.

Optional: Sand paper (for those of you who like to do things the right way and want to sand your furniture down before you paint it.) and shellac.

I did not sand this before I started, but I did put a light shellac coat over it when I was done.

As you may or may not know, red is just about the hardest color to paint over. That’s why I looked specifically for one of the primer+paint combos that has become popular for lazy people like me who obviously don’t want to do all this painting TWICE. I got Glidden Duo tester cans because the surface area I was painting was so small. I think they were $2.97 each and I actually only used one of them!

Glidden Duo Tintable Tester in Eggshell

Glidden Duo Tintable Tester in Eggshell

I wanted to do something more than just slap on a new shade of paint. She loves peace signs almost as much as she loves owls, so I made a stencil and painted one on the top.

Facelift. And I keep wondering why I never painted this while I actually used it, since red matched nothing that I owned. At all.

Facelift. And I keep wondering why I never painted this while I actually used it, since red matched nothing that I owned. At all.


Ready to be loaded into the truck and taken to her very first apartment!

All together it only cost me about $9 to buy the supplies to do this. ($5-6 for the roller and paint tray, $3 for one can of paint). I used some silver acrylic I had on hand to paint the peace sign, and I did a light coat of shellac over the whole thing in hopes it will help keep it from getting chipped.

Congratulations to my little sister on getting her own apartment!