More Melted Crayon Art


I bought some canvas I saw on clearance several months ago because it was a steal. I wasn’t real sure what I was going to do with it, but I knew I would come up with something. (Hmm, this logic might be why I have so many random craft supplies in my office)

We don’t have a headboard on our bed, but I’ve been wanting to put something in that general area because it looks a little bare. I decided to try this watercolor method of melting crayons on canvas. I have to say, I’m really pleased with how it turned out! I like it a lot better than the method I used last time, partly because it wasn’t so time consuming.

Things you will need:


Big box of Crayola crayons

Knife or razor blade, to slice open the wrappers on your crayons


A surface area you don’t mind getting messy, or a workspace that you’ve covered in newspaper


Using your razor blade, cut down the side of the crayon and peel the paper cover off. I just sort of weeded through the colors I liked best and thought would compliment each oher. It’s helpful to have some scratch paper to actually write with the crayons before choosing- I think we’ve all been in that position, coloring Ariel’s hair and accidentally grabbing “scarlet” instead of red…ok maybe not all of us, but I certainly can’t be the only one.


You’ll want a flat surface to work on. This works best with full crayons (not broken pieces) so that you can hold it in front of the hairdryer without burning your hand.

Be sure to hold the crayon and dryer close to the canvas while you are starting to melt it, and use the low or medium setting. If you put it on high, this will happen:


I’m pretty sure I drank some crayon spray because I had my coffee sitting on the desk. Mmmm crayons.

So then I tried using this box to protect the things around me a little better, and that was total fail:


I ended up with weird lines where the box was resting. Finally I put two and two together and realized that perhaps using the “high” setting on my dryer was the problem.

After that I pretty much got the hang of it.


-Hold the crayon close to the dryer for 10 or so seconds until you start to see it melting. Then, put it to the canvas.

-The colors melded together best and looked the most watercolor-like when I started to draw in circle motions (so don’t just hold the crayon in the same spot, it’ll come out more spider like, as in the picture with the box). When you start drawing, the wax on the canvas is thinner than the wax in an entire crayon, and as a result it’s easier to get big, swirly colors instead of drippy spidery ones. (Yep, that’s a technical description- I wish I had more pictures of this part of the process, but I only have two hands).

Here’s my finished product!



I’m not actually sure if I like it over our bed, since it’s centered but our bed itself is not centered in our room due to the shape of the room. Plus I had to hang it pretty high since the hubs is so tall.

Now, does anyone know how to get melted crayon off of a whiteboard? Yeah, that happened when I still hadn’t figured out that the blow dryer on high is the messiest setting.


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