Re-vamped Lamp


Happy fall! This is my favorite season. It was a doozy of a summer and it’s been 5 months since my last blog post. Moving (again), work conferences, family visiting, and an injury that has had me out of normal commission for 2 months now. With just 2 days left of summer, this past weekend I used one of the last warm and sunny days for some paint-related projects. We’re in a condo now and I’m not used to having such limited access to outside space. I had to make do with our tiny little balcony. Luckily I still had some extra large boxes laying around to protect my new patio set!

It's a pretty cute balcony even if it's not roomy.

It’s a pretty cute balcony even if it’s not roomy.

I bought this slightly hideous gold lamp months ago – when I bought the little wood table that I refinished for my office – and I have struggled to find a shade that would fit it for literally the entire 5 months I’ve been MIA.

Sad little (slightly crooked) lamp.

Sad little (slightly crooked) lamp.

For whatever reason it has a really tall harp (did you know that’s what the wire thing your shade sits on is called? Cause I did not). Funny story, there are very limited options available when you get past a 10″ tall shade. It has been a real sad look for our living room, with its naked bulb. I almost used my snippers to shorten it…then I almost gave up and donated back to Goodwill. But at the last moment, I realized you can buy different sized lamp harps at the hardware store. Der. If you want to bring an old 70’s looking lamp into modern times, here’s what you’ll need: Paper towels Spray paint primer Spray paint (I really liked the Krylon gloss finish that I used) Drop cloth or old moving boxes, something to put under your project Start off by cleaning off your lamp. Mine had some weird splotches on it that came right off with a wet paper towel. No genie appeared though. Next, do your primer coat. Lamps are nice because the round bottom makes it easy to turn and make sure you got all of it covered. You can choose to tape off your electrical cord if you prefer – I intentionally sprayed the top 3 or so inches of mine (what would show above the end table). Then, do your color coat. Don’t hold it too close to your lamp and don’t lay on the trigger too hard, or you will cause your paint to run.

Clean. Prime. Paint.

Clean. Prime. Paint.

Now let it dry and in about an hour, you can put the lightbulb and shade back on. Or, if you still haven’t found a lampshade you like, steal one from another lamp for your “finished” photo.

Moral of today's post: there's nothing a bit of spray paint can't transform.

Moral of today’s post: there’s nothing a bit of spray paint can’t transform.

Lets do a before and after side by side, because it’s more impressive that way. To the far left you can also see one of many failed lampshade purchases!

Before & After

Before & After


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