DIY Photo Coasters


Another year, another new apartment. On the bright side, whenever we move I get inspired to decorate and make stuff. I finally have a quasi-office again, which means space for crafting!

I made these coasters to go in a birthday/post-vacation blues care package for my BFF. We went on an awesome cruise at the beginning of March and I thought this would be a fun way to have some of the cool stuff we saw on display.

Things you will need:

  • tile from the hardware store
  • mod podge
  • scissors
  • foam or soft bristle paint brush
  • rubber or cork “bumpers” (tiny discs with adhesive backing) for your coaster feet
  • prints of the photos you want to use (or cut outs, favorite quotes, etc)

IMG_5892Make sure your tile is clean. Paint a thin layer of mod podge onto your tile, then lay your photo on top of it. Next, paint a thin layer of mod podge on top of the photo.


Let dry, then do a second (and third) coat. The key is to keep your layers thin and let them dry completely before doing the next coat. I tried to give two of them a kind of antique/rough look by hand scraping the photo while it was still damp.

Last, affix the feet to your coaster.



This was a surprisingly easy craft project. Of course, after I finally got started I thought of some other things I could have added to make them a little fancier – but maybe I’ll do the project again sometime soon.

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