Mini Pantry Paint Job


I’ve mentioned The Buy Nothing Project before, and I continue to get cool stuff pretty regularly through my local group. In our new apartment, there’s a lot less cabinet space (which I happily traded for a fenced in yard!)  but after being here for a month and a half I was really losing patience with the remaining two boxes of food and kitchen utensils taking up space in the dining area.

I got a small cabinet through the group and decided to spray paint it a different color to bring some brightness into the kitchen (and because the blonde wood color really clashes with the dark wood cabinets and bright yellow countertops – yep, our new kitchen is straight out of 1972. Look, I told you, there’s a yard. I would do anything for an outdoor space, so here we are).



Pardon the clutter and stray patches of dirt on my patio, we’re still unpacking and I’ve been doing a lot of yard work and planting (I’ve even got a raspberry plant going!)

When you’re spray painting anything, make sure you have a large drop cloth of some kind to cover the area you’re working in (I even put a trash bag over my raspberry plant so it wouldn’t get any stray mist on it). It’s also important to tape off any areas you don’t want to paint:


Follow the directions on your spray paint for how long you should let it dry.


Then you can take off the tape and paper when you’re satisfied.


Pro tip: If you get any stray spray paint where you don’t want it, a little bit of nail polish remover can usually take it right off if it’s relatively fresh.

Stay tuned for another spray paint adventure soon – I have some janky patio chairs that we salvaged and are going to makeover before our June apartment warming BBQ! That’s my ambition, anyway.

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