I’m Ashley Fontaine. I live in the Windy City (for now) the Emerald City once again, having grown up outside Seattle, gone to school in Spokane, spent a year of AmeriCorps in Louisiana, and lived in Chicago for 5 years. I move a lot. I love, love, love doing new things. Although in my old age, the nomadic life is starting to lose its shine. I hope we’ll buy a house in this beautiful Pacific Northwest in the next two years.


I am…

  • a sucker for furry things that bark
  • a grad student a Master of Social Work
  • mildly obsessed with things that are reversible or reusable
  • into volunteering and public service
  • cluttery
  • enthralled with PNW outdoor beauty
  • a bookworm


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  1. Love it! Looking forward to seeing and reading more about your projects. And am going to check out that site you listed. I am also more of a visual learner, and have often wondered WTF myself on a pattern or two! My Mom gave me an article years ago called “Why intelligent women can’t sew” I was a bit offended at first, but after reading it I understood. Basically it said we don’t like to read directions, that we would much rather just get in there and get it done the way we want it to be. If I can find the article I will send it to you.
    Good luck with the crafting!

    • Glad to know I’ll have at least 1 reader! 🙂

      I love sewing but it is a long and arduous process for me, because I am so excited to get it done I don’t slow down and think. On one project this summer I definitely sewed two pieces together backwards and had to undo and redo. I think this is part of the reason I’m really digging making baby clothes at the moment (besides knowing what seems like every pregnant or recently gave birth to a child woman on the planet) because they are small and I feel I accomplished something in just one day, so instead of getting frustrated that my project isn’t finished I get excited to start another one!

    • Thanks 🙂 I know how to sew some but I am definitely not a pro or anything. I have a hard time following patterns and directions when they are written so sometimes I like to provide pictures for other people like me.

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