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Recycled Tea Jars


If you’re like me you probably have some random assortment of items that could have gone into the recycling bin but that you stuffed into a cabinet with the thought, “I could use this for something…”


We’ve had a not small collection of glass jars growing near our sink for awhile now. I hadn’t yet decided what exactly they would be made into, but I knew I could start by at least getting all the labels off and cleaning them up.

My husband has complained many times about the ridiculous amount of tea boxes in our spice cabinet/coffee storage area, because in the winter I get a little overzealous with all the flavors (if you haven’t had Celestial Seasonings Nutcracker Sweet or Sugarplum seasonal flavors you are MISSING OUT big time!) and they take up a lot of room/aren’t very organized.

I decided this would be he perfect task for my collection of jars. Tea jars! And things will be organized! And then my husband will have to admit that most of the disorganization in that cabinet is actually from all of his spices and cooking oils and the like.

Things you will need:

Glass food jars that have been cleaned (run through the dishwasher if you have one)

Large bowl of hot water

Dash of olive oil

A few clean paper towels

Chalkboard paint or chalkboard spray paint

Junk mail or other material to protect your work surface

Painter’s tape and paper (optional)

An outdoor area to work in if you’re doing spray paint, which I prefer

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Personalized Mugs


Ever want to decorate or design your own coffee mug? You’re in luck! You are only limited by your ability to draw. Which, for some of us is quite a handicap but hey. This is a pretty fun, cheap (ish) project if you want to give it a whirl.

My sister is moving into her very first apartment after living with my husband and me for a year now. I wanted to make something cute for her as a housewarming gift, and she is obsessed with owls. So I decided to make two owl mugs. They turned out pretty cute considering I generally cannot draw to save my life. I won’t lie. I’m mildly impressed with myself.

Twas a lovely crafternoon last weekend.

Twas a lovely crafternoon last weekend.

Things you will need:

Sharpie pens and/or paint pens (oil based is better, read note below)

Ceramic dishware, undecorated (see note #2)

An oven that can be heated to 400 degrees (had I attempted this in MY very first apartment, in which our oven did not surpass 200 degrees , I may have failed)

Oven mitts or something else to take your hot ceramic dishes out of the oven with safely.

Optional: Acrylic paint and paint brush

Quick and dirty directions: decorate with oil based paint. Bake in your oven at 400 degrees for 30 minutes.

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