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Stenciled Shirts, Part 2: Fabric Spray Paint Louisiana Outline


Now that I’m getting my stenciling technique down (sort of), I decided to tackle a project I’ve wanted to do for some time. For our honeymoon (…in 2010) I made us matching baseball tees with our last name on the back. I never found a pre-made design I liked enough to put on the front, so the front has been plain. I had looked for Louisiana or fleur de lis decals I liked, but not much luck on ones that weren’t metallic and would be suitable for a male or a female.


You’ll need all the same stuff from my previous post for creating your stencil- cardstock, an exacto knife, cardboard to tape your outline to while you cut.

You’ll also need:

Fabric spray paint, or fabric paint and a paintbrush (I bought both…)

The shirt you want to work on

Double sided tape

LA Stencil

Tape your stencil down, and spray.

This time I made a Louisiana stencil, and cut a tiny heart out over the Baton Rouge area- where we met.

 I used my double sided tape from the beginning this time, especially because this stencil has so many tiny parts on the edges. You  will also want to make sure that if you’re doing any kind of cutout inside a stencil, you tape the edges very well there too to prevent the paint from bleeding.


Gently peel off your stencil. On my second go I lost a sliver of the southern coast that I peeled off with a fork without ruining anything.


The husband likes his! Full disclosure: the small heart over Baton Rouge was actually his idea.

I’m pretty thrilled with how they turned out! You can see a few splotchy areas where it wasn’t totally even- just something to keep in mind if you use this Tulip fabric spray paint.

I legitimately woke up this morning thinking of new designs I could do on other shirts, combinations of fabric paint and bleach and who knows what else. More to come I’m sure.