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Thrift Store End Table


I saw this little end table at St. Vincent DePaul’s thrift store when we first moved to Seattle last year – for $3! We had gotten rid of the super rickety table we used next to our couch (which had maybe collapsed once or twice…) when we moved so I figured this could be the replacement. I had visions for it.

End Table

$3? Sold!

Of course, it’s laminate which I was worried about how I would paint. Research suggested that instead of trying to sand it down, which would just damage the laminate, to buy some especially sticky primer. I got Zinsser 1-2-3 primer┬áper some suggestions from other crafty folks online. I took off the back (a little panel only blocking the back of the top shelf) and got to work.

I originally thought I would make it a nice teal color, but as I painted with the primer, I realized I really liked the look of it remaining white and wood. So here’s what I ended up with:

Primer coat

Primer coat

Then I finished it with a “delicate white” eggshell paint that I bought for another project which I will post about later this month.

Completed makeover.

Makeover complete!

Later I can always change my mind if I want it to be teal after all — I still have more primer!

Nightstand Makeover


When my sister moved in with us, I gave her my large red nightstand that is too big for our bedroom. The rooms in this place are TINY. I’ve had it since I lived in Louisiana and have trucked it around through about 4 moves. It had a great huge dresser that matched, but I ended up selling it two apartments ago because there was no space for it. Tiny rooms plague most of Chicago. Ah, urban life. You are the opposite of spacious.

Anywho, I told her she could keep it and offered to give it a makeover for her for her new apartment!

Things you will need:

Paint (and maybe primer)

Small roller and paint tray

Small paint brush

The ability to not get paint all over your apartment/clothes/self because painting outside in 30 degrees isn’t a great idea

Oops. Clearly failed. Though I think I could rock some blue hair.

Clearly I failed those instructions. Though I think I could rock some blue hair.

Optional: Sand paper (for those of you who like to do things the right way and want to sand your furniture down before you paint it.) and shellac.

I did not sand this before I started, but I did put a light shellac coat over it when I was done.

As you may or may not know, red is just about the hardest color to paint over. That’s why I looked specifically for one of the primer+paint combos that has become popular for lazy people like me who obviously don’t want to do all this painting TWICE. I got Glidden Duo tester cans because the surface area I was painting was so small. I think they were $2.97 each and I actually only used one of them!

Glidden Duo Tintable Tester in Eggshell

Glidden Duo Tintable Tester in Eggshell

I wanted to do something more than just slap on a new shade of paint. She loves peace signs almost as much as she loves owls, so I made a stencil and painted one on the top.

Facelift. And I keep wondering why I never painted this while I actually used it, since red matched nothing that I owned. At all.

Facelift. And I keep wondering why I never painted this while I actually used it, since red matched nothing that I owned. At all.


Ready to be loaded into the truck and taken to her very first apartment!

All together it only cost me about $9 to buy the supplies to do this. ($5-6 for the roller and paint tray, $3 for one can of paint). I used some silver acrylic I had on hand to paint the peace sign, and I did a light coat of shellac over the whole thing in hopes it will help keep it from getting chipped.

Congratulations to my little sister on getting her own apartment!