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Magnetic Makeup Organizer (and Bathroom Art Piece)


Happy October! I love fall. That whole spring cleaning thing? Yeah, no. I’m way more interested in FALL cleaning, because sometime soon I’ll be trapped indoors by the unpleasant Chicago winter. So it’s time to get organized!

This project is based on yet another pinterest find. Seriously, a million thanks to whoever thought that site up. Original concept from: http://laurathoughts81.blogspot.com/2011/03/make-up-magnet-board.html

Between my sister and I sharing a bathroom now, what was already a near counterspace-less room has become even more cramped. As soon as I saw this project I thought it was a brilliant (and cute) solution to the problem. My sister ruined our shower curtain with hair dye awhile back and I made her replace it, so I had some matching shower curtain fabric laying around and decided this would be a perfect use for it!

Things you’ll need:

A somewhat large frame (size depends on how much makeup you own) – I got mine at the thrift store for $2

Sheet metal (mine is 26 gauge)

Snips for cutting your metal- I bought “straight cut Aviation Snips”

Spray or regular paint

Fabric in a coordinating or complementary color/print

Magnets – 3/4″ round, I bought “Magnum Magnetics” kind off of Amazon. They’re plenty strong for makeup.

Hot glue gun (with glue, preferably)

Spray adhesive or, if you didn’t buy any and are working on this project late at night like me, super glue will do in a pinch.

I have to warn you. All the supplies for this kind of added up quick. With the snips and metal alone, I spent almost $35. Spray paint ain’t that cheap these days, either. If you want cheap fabric i recommend recycling something, or buying fat quarters on sale at the craft store.

My thrift store finds:


Ugly thrift store art! Looks like something a little old lady would hang in her bathroom. No offense, little old ladies with taste.

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