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DIY Jewelry Organizer with Antique Drawer Pulls


Happy 2013!

Let me start by saying this is the first project in a long time that I have done that comes with a long list of things I did wrong and you should do differently. Sheesh. It probably took me over 2 weeks to get this thing done for real. However, I do love the way it turned out! (Thank the universe). Second disclaimer: this was not a very cheap project by the time I bought all the supplies. Drawer pulls are surprisingly expensive.

Things you will need:

Some wood- the size depends on what you want it to look like. I got some pine that is 3/4″ by 2 and 1/2″ which I had cut to 2 feet long.

Drawer pulls (you can buy these at the hardware store, or an antique store like I wound up doing)

Paint of your choosing, and a paintbrush

Measuring tape or ruler

A drill and drill bit for pre-drilling holes (I actually don’t own one of these and just used a sharp wood screw to drill all my holes. Improvise.)

Screwdriver with both phillips and flat heads

D-ring hangers/hooks (I bought 1″)

A hammer


Patience (whoops, I showed up to this project without this and it sucked)

An adult beverage (optional, helpful if you forgot the above item)


First you’ll want to paint the wood you bought/salvaged, or stain it if you prefer the natural look.



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Magnetic Makeup Board with a Twist!


The magnetic makeup boards were a hit, but I got to thinking….

I really wanted to make a jewelry organizer for myself. How could I combine something for makeup AND jewelry?

Don’t worry, I still have plans to make a super cool jewelry holder for my office (coming up next!) but I figured that this would be a great combination for my sister, since she gets ready for work and stuff in her room.

I got some brass “cup hooks” at the hardware store ($4 for 100 of them):

Screw the hook into place.

Screw the hook into place.

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