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No-Sew Decorative Pillow


Looking for a REALLY fast project?

I think we’ve all seen this pillow floating around on Pinterest and I wanted a cute pillow for my office futon chair. Last time I had a Joann Fabrics discount I got this awesome red and white chevron fabric just for this project.

Things you’ll need:

Fabric of your choice (I got 3/4 of a yard, and it wasn’t quite enough for the 12×16 pillow I had – the original tutorial says “fabric 3 times as wide plus a few more inches and twice as tall plus a few more inches as the pillow”). This is literally all you need.


Embellishments (buttons, gems, whatever)

Hot glue gun

Safety pin

Elastic, basting tape, or other materials that can be tied

Things *I* needed because I don't read directions before starting a project.

Things *I* needed because I don’t read directions before starting a project.

Unfortunately, my fabric was a bit too short to actually tie into a knot. So I got inventive and used these jewels I cut off a pair of my (favorite) sandals that broke (sadface) last year. Since I want the cover to be washable- I drink a lot of coffee in that chair, and I really like to spill things- I used a safety pin to hold it closed, then hot glued my recycled shoe-gem onto some navy blue basting tape from my sewing box.

Reuse, recycle, you can handle it!

Reuse, recycle, you can handle it!

Then I just tied it in a knot and tucked it behind the safety pinned middle.

The long and short of this project is that you basically wrap the pillow as you would wrap a gift, but tie the long ends in a knot in the middle. That’s it!



DIY Racerback Workout Shirt – No Sew!


Saw this idea on Pinterest the other day, and for those of your who don’t have a sewing machine, this involved no sewing of any kind! I’m still shocked this took me about 8 minutes, because I’m that person to whom the term “easy project” does not apply, because no matter what it is somehow it takes me hours longer than everyone else.

Which has instructions, but also provided a link to even BETTER instructions for someone like me, courtesy of Rabbit food for my Bunny Teeth:

All picture instructions (but not the Ikea kind)? YES PLEASE!

Look, a seriously pitted out shirt I used for hiking and kayaking. I almost threw it away 3 weeks ago when I was purging things that have become too big, but I like the design and couldn’t part with it, so it was relegated to the painting/crafting section of my closet.

Cut it up.

Cut the back a bit lower than the front, in more of a V shape.

Use the strip you cut off the bottom to wrap/knot/otherwise tie your straps together. I also cut the neckline a bit bigger from the side like this, to make sure it was even.

That’s it! Seriously. Now go get ripped.

I’m definitely going to make a few more of this and make the large number of useless/mostly unworn tshirts I have, useful again! Tshirts can have a life after college after all! I love recycling.