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From the Archives: Peacock Feather Centerpieces, Boutonnières, and Bouquets


So as it’s wedding season, and I love thinking about my wedding (even though it’s nearly our two year anniversary), I thought I would share how we made our centerpieces, and some other wedding things involving peacock feathers.

Centerpiece materials:

8 bottles of wine (about $4 each- we were on a serious budget)

Peacock feathers about 18-24 inches (you’ll want 25-30, or 2-3 for each bottle)

Peacock “swords” (1-2 per bottle)

Size 3 & 1/3” x 4” inch white adhesive labels


Just estimating what I remember, it was around $60 for the centerpiece materials (and I used the feathers for several other projects, as well).

Finished centerpiece.

We bought bottles of red wine that were cheap and looked fairly nice: green with a little gold foil at the top. We dumped out all the wine- and used it to make sangria! Waste not and all that.

Then we rinsed and soaked the wine bottles in water to get most of the label off. Meanwhile, I printed up some labels that said our name and the wedding date below that in a fancy script I liked.

Dry the bottles off, slap those labels on to cover up any residue/old label you couldn’t get off, and then put your peacock feathers into the bottles. We used feathers that were 18-24 inches tall (12” ones will generally be too short and fall inside your bottle), and I also had some peacock “sword” feathers that I had left over from boutonnières I made for the groomsmen and groom (coming up next).

Boutonnière materials:

1 peacock feather and sword feather each


Straight pins (small, pearl head)

Hot glue gun


Purple for the groom, to match my sash.

Cut your peacock and sword feathers to the size you want. Use a little hot glue on the lower “stem” section to fuse the two feathers together—if you don’t glue it before you start wrapping the ribbon, they have a tendency to twist around while you’re wrapping.

I actually ended up not using the pins and hot gluing the end of my ribbon down so it wouldn’t unravel. The pins I had were a little too big. You will, however, need pins to put it on your groom!

Bouquet materials:



Straight pins (pearl head)


Bouquets are pretty straightforward… arrange them in a way you like, then wrap with ribbon, and pin in place. I made my bouquets with the help of my wonderful bridesmaids and friends. We ordered flowers online (white roses and dark purple calla lilies). I used the same ribbon leftover from the boutonnières to wrap the bouquets, and pinned them in place with the pearl headed straight pins from the same project. It took about 2 pins each. Voila!

Team Fontaine!

I can’t take credit for my headpiece, but if you love it, check out Jen over at http://headfulloffeathers.com/! She did a fabulous job, I wish I had excuse(s) to wear it all the time.