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Recycled Tea Jars


If you’re like me you probably have some random assortment of items that could have gone into the recycling bin but that you stuffed into a cabinet with the thought, “I could use this for something…”


We’ve had a not small collection of glass jars growing near our sink for awhile now. I hadn’t yet decided what exactly they would be made into, but I knew I could start by at least getting all the labels off and cleaning them up.

My husband has complained many times about the ridiculous amount of tea boxes in our spice cabinet/coffee storage area, because in the winter I get a little overzealous with all the flavors (if you haven’t had Celestial Seasonings Nutcracker Sweet or Sugarplum seasonal flavors you are MISSING OUT big time!) and they take up a lot of room/aren’t very organized.

I decided this would be he perfect task for my collection of jars. Tea jars! And things will be organized! And then my husband will have to admit that most of the disorganization in that cabinet is actually from all of his spices and cooking oils and the like.

Things you will need:

Glass food jars that have been cleaned (run through the dishwasher if you have one)

Large bowl of hot water

Dash of olive oil

A few clean paper towels

Chalkboard paint or chalkboard spray paint

Junk mail or other material to protect your work surface

Painter’s tape and paper (optional)

An outdoor area to work in if you’re doing spray paint, which I prefer

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Recycling Wedding Decorations! Peacock Feather Earrings


On Sunday I really felt like creating something but realized I didn’t have the instructions for the sewing project I wanted to start. Ah, the hazards of using library books for crafting. I decided to do another project I had been thinking about for some time but had yet to figure out the mechanics of- make some earrings with the peacock feathers I had leftover from our wedding in May.


Supplies: earring hooks, pliers, wire, feathers


I tried to pick feathers that were nearish the same size and eye shape.

Supplies I wish I had? Gloves. Like the canvas and rubber ones for gardening. My thumbs were crying by the end of this project. Wire is a cruel mistress.

I had to figure out how I wanted to attach the feathers to the ear hook itself, and obviously wire was the best choice. At first I tried to freehand something to go around the end of the feather, but that didn’t work out so well. Then, I had an idea!


Turns out a bent open bobby pin was almost the perfect size to wrap the wire around.

My first try was a bust, because I snipped the wire before thinking through all the way how I would make a loop for the hook to attach to, and I didn’t leave myself enough length to feed it through without the loop part being deformed and ugly. So on my next attempt, I left the tail long (about 2 inches) so I could feed it through the wrap I had made and pull so that each one was the same size. I didn’t really take pics of that part because I was distracted with how annoying it is to work with wire sometimes.

This is how the wire connector piece I made looks when finished.

And this is the full end result:


I ended up making 2 pair, once I had a system down it wasn't so bad. Now my sister wants some too.

Left whole, before I decided to trim the feathers.

I even got compliments when I wore them the next day, which always makes me feel awesomer when I can say I made them.

Maybe they’re a little big and loud, but I like them. At first I wasn’t sure about cutting them (since obviously there’s not ctrl+z with scissors), but after my friend’s statement that “if they are longer than your hair, they’re too big” I decided to go for it. I like the bottoms cut kind of funky to make them a little less huge and also a little less hippie.